Behind the Lens

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Hi, I am Tracy Crevar Warren.

I have to let you in on a little secret. I LOVE being behind the camera lens.  

I do not have enough words to describe how it feels to get the perfect series of shots that capture the tranquility of the sunset over the alps or a special moment when someone's true personality emerges. Images that others are excited to display and share with family and friends. Professional portraits that they are proud to use when introducing themselves and telling their stories. I get a kick out of doing something that brings joy to myself and others.

My love of the camera began when I was a few hours old and was photographed for an international magazine. It was actually my foot that got all the press when I was the first to get a test that all babies now have in the US. Curiosity and intrigue have been a part of everyday life ever since. I climbed atop the refrigerator before I learned to walk and took apart the family radio at age three to see how it worked. (Don't ask my mom if I put it back together.) I adored sitting under the shade of my Grandaddy's prized pecan tree as we cut fresh vegetables and I listened to colorful tales of his adventures. From an early age, it became clear that life is about exploring, learning and finding the wonder around me, often hiding in plain sight.

Needing a last minute elective to complete my business degree at Appalachian State University, I signed up for a photography course. Funny to think this semester-long elective that I took on pass/fail for one single credit would open up a whole new world. Unfortunately, my camera got sidelined when I shifted my focus to building a business career in professional services marketing and practice growth.

I am happy to report that a move to Switzerland almost 10 years ago ignited my desire to get behind the lens once again. How good it feels to be reunited with my long-lost love. Today, I am fortunate to do what I am passionate about - creating art with my camera and making portraits for professionals, families, couples and individuals in Basel, across Switzerland and surrounding areas.

When I am not making pictures, you can find me doing something else that I love - writing copy, creating content and developing brand stories for busy professionals, business leaders, entrepreneurs and startups both here and around the world. 

Who knew my early passions would develop into lifelong skills that would delight myself and others. For me, it is like returning to childhood, filled with intrigue and wonderment.

When you are ready for new portraits or commissioned works that you will be pleased to share, let's connect. 

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