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My name is Tracy Crevar Warren.

I LOVE being behind the camera lens. It's amazing how different things look from this angle. No matter where I am in the world, it's easy to spot stories just waiting to be told.

Travel has always been a big part of my life. You see, my adventure began in Buffalo, New York not too far from Niagara Falls and then it was on to Memphis, Tennessee when my father was invited to be one of the founding researchers for St. Jude Children's Hospital. At age five, I headed to North Carolina where I grew up, attended school and built my career. I was married on the side of a cliff on Italy's Amalfi Coast. Now I live in Switzerland, just over the border from France's Alsace and Germany's Black Forest. Each journey has taught me to look beyond the obvious for hidden treasures that beckon to be captured and shared.

My love of the camera began when I was just a few hours old and was photographed for an international magazine. It was actually my foot that got all the press when I became the first to be given a test that all babies now have in the States. Over the years, my mother nurtured my creativity with her love of books, art and music. Needing a last minute elective to complete my business degree at Appalachian State University I signed up for a photography class. Funny to think this class I took on a pass/fail basis would lead me a new passion I could put to use throughout my life. My camera lost out to other interests for many years until my move to Switzerland reignited a passion to get behind the lens once again. Oh how good it is to be reunited with my long lost friend.

I can't explain it but it just makes me happy

when I am capturing images for myself and others.

How rewarding it is to hear others' comments:

 "Your photographs simply inspire me."

"That's one of the best pictures of my child."

"You help us see the world from a different angle."

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